Would you like to join your own local Star Trek fan Club?  Then welcome to the USS Arizona NCC 71839.  Were you aware that approximately 54% of all Americans consider themselves Star Trek fans?  Starfleet the International Star Trek Fan Association has more than 4000 members through the world! Incorporated in North Carolina and in existence since 1974, we now Represent Paramont and CBS in Officially presenting to you,   STARFLEET.  Starfleet holds the distinction in the Gennis book of world records as the longest and largest existing Star Trek Fan Club.


The USS Arizona NCC 71839 is located in the beautiful city of Canton, Ohio.  We bring Fun, Families, and Friendship together,  In a non-military atmosphere, to fictionally role-play our own version of  "STAR TREK  OUR GENERATION." We also try to contribute to our community by maintaining a adopt-a-family for Christmas, donating time to PBS 45/49 telethons, visiting Pediatrics, and Geriatrics at the Cancer centers in the near by area., as well as contributing to the Starfleet Scholarship Fund, and the Starfleet Academy, attend Regional Summits, and Conferences, as well as attending the Starfleet International Conferences.

Members of Starfleet organized the USS Arizona early in 1992 and assumed the position on the borders of the USS Lagrange (Cuyahoga Falls), the Klingon Assault Group vessels, IKV Reign of Terror(Cuyahoga Falls), the IKV Doomslayer (Dover) and the RSE Nightbird (Uniontown).  The USS Arizona is designated as a neutral ship, where all beings may peacefully congregate.





When you think of the name "ARIZONA" what is the first thing that comes to mind?  For many it is the State of Arizona.  When you are talking ships , the Arizona rings a different bell.  For us, the name Arizona represents pride, honor, and sacrifice.  We proudly bear the name of the battleship 

USS Arizona  (BB 39), Memorialized in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

" December 7th 1947 a Day that will live in Infamy", was a fairly quiet Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor.  The USS Arizona crew just back from fleet maneuvers, was tied up along Ford Island. Most of the crew were in their racks or at breakfast preparing for a welcome shore leave. The quiet was broken by gunfire and sounds of distant bomb explosions.  Rushing to the decks the sailors found a full attack underway. Before much could be done about it, the Arizona had taken a torpedo in her port side, a 500 lb der amidships and another 500lb armor piercing bomb directly threw her wooden deck into the in the forecastle and forward magazine. That was it. When the surprise attack was over,  1,177 American Seamen aboard the USS Arizona had lost their lives, and the ship herself lay on the bottom where she would never fight again.                                                      

The USS Arizona BB 39 was placed in  commission on the 17th. of October 1916. She had an overall length of 608 feet, and a beam of 106 feet as well as weighing 32,600 tons. She was modernized in 1929, and was at that time equipped with a tripod mast, new guns, and boilers, her engines were also given a complete overhaul .

She joined the Pacific fleet in 1931, and was a first line fighting ship, ever to meet an enemy.  It is most ironic that she met her end as a "Sitting Duck" in the most devastating attack in the history of modern Naval operations. As the USS Arizona settled to the oily, muddy waters of Pearl Harbor, her flag was still flying from her stern, an inspiration to the other ships which were to take her place. 




In 1959, during a simple ceremony, a 50 foot flag pole was erected on her superstructure. Admiral Radford, the Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet said,  "From today on the USS Arizona will fly our country's flag just as proudly as she did on the morning of December 7th, 1941  Since that time a modern memorial and museum has been erected there, but the flag still flies with honor.


We have dedicated our USS Arizona NCC 71839 the 10th in line, of many Galaxy Class Starships, to her memory.  The USS Arizona NCC 71839 will sail through the stars--exploring and promoting peace.

December 7, 1992 An American flag was flown on the 50' mast of the USS Arizona, folded, wrapped and sent to Shuttle Commander Roger Scritchfield and confirmed  with honor, that  the name USS Arizona  be used by the Star Trek Fan Club from that time on. After starting the Shuttle the name was officially changed to the Shuttle United States Ship Arizona  making it the shuttle with the longest name in Starfleet History. The Flag remains with the Commanding Officer at this time.

Like the original USS Arizona, our new starship has been modernized and equipped with the latest Galaxy Class III technological advancements in computer, sensors, engines, and weapons. Our USS Arizona has a mass of 7.0 million metric tons, and cruises at warp 8.5 with 9 impulse engines 3 warp drive engines, 5 photon torpedo launchers, 26 tractor/repulser beam units, multiple phaser array banks, as well as classified equipment that (if I told you I would have to vaporize you )and a crew complement of 1,012, Officers and enlisted, with 50 different Ambassadorial suites.   Our USS Arizona NCC 71839 is a force to be reckoned with when we encounter those who would shatter the peace and tranquility for the worlds of the United Federation of Planets.




Shuttle United States Ship Arizona  NCC 1839/3  Launched  July  31, 1992

USS ARIZONA  NCC 71839   Commissioned   9304.03

First Shuttle   Copernicus  NCC 71839/1   9308. 28

Second Shuttle  OHIO  NCC 71839/2    August 1996

Numerous Yearly Distinguished Service Awards from Region One Coordinators  1992-2007

OHIO ODOT  Adopt-A-Highway    August 2, 1992  through August 2,  1995

AR1RC Certificate of Appreciation   "Let Me Help"         2001

Unit Distinguished Service Award    5 Years                  9804.03

Unit Distinguished Service Award   10 Years                 0304.03

Unit Distinguished Service Award   15 Years                 0804.03

Numerous Gold and Silver Reporting Awards from Region ONE   1992 threw 2008

One Bronze Reporting Award from Region ONE

Commendations from :

OverSeas Coupon Project                   $188,411.06     Nova Award , Super-Stellar    1993-200

USS Victory    (OHIO)

Shuttle Copernicus

IKV   Ships in the Sector and the Camp Dover Peace Conference

PBS Channels 45/49   For Telethons Attended       1992-2007

Certificate of Appreciation    International Funds for Animal Welfare    1998

Member Sector of the Year     2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, And 2007

Certificate of Appreciation  Assisting Region One  2008







More to come...




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