SCC 15507-1



United States Navy Honorable Service and Discharge   1967-1973

National Defense

Viet Nam Service, Viet Nam Campaign,  Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal,  Meritorious Unit Commendation

Battle Efficiency  E x2



Joined Starfleet June 1989

Joined USS Lagrange  NCC 3916   February 1990

Member Starship of the Year  USS Lagrange   1990

Shuttle Commander Shuttle United States Ship Arizona  Type 9 Warp  NCC 1839/3  July 1992

Starship Captain  USS Arizona NCC 71839  Galaxy Class   February 3 1993

Rank of Captain   9304.03

Region One Good Conduct Award  5 years Service to R1-and Starfleet   1994

Shuttle Commander  Shuttle USS OHIO  NX 75007/NCC 75007  August 1996

Rank of Fleet Captain   9611.16

Senior Captain  Ohio/Indiana Sector Region One  9704.01  to   0507.10

Starship Captain  USS Ohio   NCC 75007   Sovereign Class   April 13 1997

Member Regional Starship of the Year     USS Ohio NCC 75007   X2   2000, 2001

Region One Good Conduct Award  10 years Service to R1-and Starfleet   1999

Rank of Commodore    0004.28

Shuttle XO Shuttle USS Excalibur  NCC 1721/06        0507.15

Region One Good Conduct Award  15 years Service to R1-and Starfleet   2004

Region One Shuttle of the Year  2006

Starfleet Shuttle of the year    2006

Starship XO  USS Excalibur  NCC 26517  Ambassador Class     0605.20

Rank of Rear Admiral     0110.05

Region One Commanding Officer of the Year   2001

Rank of Vice Admiral   0405.05

Region One Shuttle/Shakedown Operations Commanding Officer   0702.01

Rank of  Admiral          0708.11

Starship Captain  USS Arizona NCC 71839  Galaxy III Class    0802.03

Region One Garth Order of Tactics   210510.31

Region One Purple Heart  2007 R1Summit

Pride of the Fleet Award  USS Lagrange    1990

Region One  Distinguished Service Award   2008

Region One  Distinguished Service Award   210107.15

Region One Meritorious Achievement           21030515

Region One "Let ME HELP"  Award          210502.15

AR1RC Certificate of Appreciation   "Let Me Help"         2001

Award of Merit     Starship Victory        9510.10

USS OHIO NCC 75007  Crew Person of the Year   2001

Award of Distinguished Service    USS Arizona NCC 71839  Departing CO.  1996

Award of Distinguished Service     USS OHIO NCC 75007    Departing CO.   2002

Award of Distinguished Service     USS Excalibur  NCC  26517   Departing XO.  2008

Certificate of Appreciation  Region One Medical  USS Lagrange  1990

Certificate of Appreciation Region One Awards     2006

Certificate of Appreciation  Region One Sickbay  Regional Summit   2002

Certificate of Appreciation  Region One Medical Staff   9505.02

Certificate Award of Excellence  USS Gallifrey  NCC 81631   2003

Region One Legion of Merit     20 Years STARFLEET service      2008

Region One Staff Member of the Year       2008

Region One Website of the Year     R-1 ShOC     2008


Starfleet Academy classes attended...

OTS.      Sept. 89

OCC.      Dec. 90

FOS.      Starfleet Configuration  3-97  

              Starfleet Leadership  6-97  

              Command  10-97


              Radiology Specialty 12/89 

              EMS specialty 1-90 

              Psychiatry/Psychology Specialty  3/90

              Cardiology  Specialty 6-90 

              Xenobiology  Specialty 8-90 

              Basic Doctorate 9-90 

              Dentistry Specialty 1-91 

              Surgery specialty 12-90  

SECURITY.   Basic  12-91

Post Graduate School.   

             Starfleet Medicine  8-93  

             Starship Operations  8-93  

             Command Studies8-93

Computer History  

            Computer Sciences  Bachelor  9-93  

            Computer Sciences  Masters  10-93

COMMUNICATIONS.  Starfleet Ham Radio Operator       WD8ITD

            Technician  6-02  

            General       8-02  

            Extra           8-02    

"RED SQUADRON"       8-02